Concept & choreography: Milla Koistinen

Creation & performance: Lidia Bäck, Elmer Bäck, Rasmus Slätis

Sound design: Jochen Arbeit

Light & set design: Julien Brun

Video & set design: Laurent Schaer

Production management: Gabi Beier


Premiere: September 13, 2013, 8:30pm

Further performances: September 14 & 15, 2013, 8:30pm

Uferstudios/Studio 14, Uferstraße 8/23 bzw. Badstraße 41A, 13357 Berlin

Supported by the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Kone Foundation/Finland and Arts Printing House Vilnius/Lithuania.


“False” is a collaboration of a choreographer, three performers, a musician, a light designer and a video designer. It explores different elements of memory and focuses on memory errors, gaps in memory and their effect on the perception of reality.

The memories we consider to be our own and the ones we might have borrowed from elsewhere are only fragments, which evolve, change in shape and appearance or sometimes disappear altogether.

Photos by Sven Hagolani