Cut and Run

dark piece 2

Concept and performance: Milla Koistinen
Light design and choreographer’s assistant: Gaëtan Brun-Picard
Sound design: Paul Valikoski
Music: Paul Valikoski, Jochen Arbeit, Johann Sebastian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in A Minor BWV 543, transcribed for piano by Franz Liszt
Dramaturgy and text: Milla Koistinen, Salka Gudmundsdóttir
Prerecorded voices: Paul Valikoski, Salka Gudmundsdóttir, Justin Caulley, Daniella Strasfogel

Special thanks to Lucie Calise

Produced by Milla Koistinen, co-produced by Mad House Helsinki, supported by Bezirksamt Pankow, Nordic Culture Point, Dance Atelier Reykjavik and Collectif w.o.r.k.?

Performances on the 15th-17th of June 2016 at Ballhaus Ost, Berlin

First research showings in Mad House Helsinki, 18th-19th of November 2015


-You know, I often thought that the gangster and the artist are the same in the eyes of the masses. They’re admired and hero-worshipped, but there is always present underlying wish to see them destroyed at the peak of their glory.

– Yeah. Like the… Like the man said, “Life is like a glass of tea.” Huh?

– Oh, Johnny, my friend, you never were very bright. But I love you anyway.

– The Killing, 1956


One of the early works of Stanley Kubrick is a 1956 film noir The Killing. It tells a story about a well-planned heist at the racetrack, which in the end fails. The witty dialogue, the black and white images and the film noir -characteristics are used as inspiration for the solo work “Cut and Run”.

The dramaturgy of the piece uses the form of the fugue by Johann Sebastian Bach (fugere; to flee, fugare; to chase) as its structure. The piece contains four voices; movement, music, text and light, which correspond to the voices of the fugue.

“Cut and Run” is a performance about failed attempts to execute a plan.


Photo by Lennart Laberenz (above)

Photos by Roberto Duarte (below)

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