A Cloud of Milk -first research


Concept and choreography: Milla Koistinen

Choreographer’s assistant: Gaëtan Brun-Picard

Creation and performance: Ute Pliestermann, Gaëtan Brun-Picard, Milla Koistinen and children from the Montessori School of Düsseldorf.

Sound design and music: Jochen Arbeit

Video and light design: Rémi Pinaud, Gaëtan Brun-Picard

A Cloud of Milk focuses on rapid eye movement sleep, the state between sleep and wakefulness, and how the perception of reality changes while asleep. The material is collected from the dreams of the children in a dream laboratory, organised by the team and reworked into movement, light, projection, and sound. The team will create a full evening piece out of the material in 2016 at Tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf. The final project becomes a piece about distortions of body, sound, and space – a recreated, surreal dream.

First research in November 2014 at Tanzhaus NRW. Premiere of the full length piece on the 22nd of October 2016 at Tanzhaus NRW.

Photo by Rémi Pinaud